Saturday, January 10, 2015

Today is Marnie's Birthday

And she is 40!

I dimly remember her birth forty years ago.  And in that I know that she is a true middle child - born 16 months after Kacey and 2and a half years before Audrey - there is something about the in between one. 

She was always part of a tribe - one of the Connor girls with me and number 2 of 6 with her Dad.
She was the blond in the middle of the redheads, always smiling as a little and at the same time the one most prone to temper tantrums. She was - and is - a great "friend maker" - the one with best friends and the most friends and making plans for various activities and having adventures that were always fun.

Marnie is very expressive, very funny, very hard working and very efficient. She can outtext and outtype anyone!  She is an inviter, a party planner and a source of new ideas for activities for the family.  I have great memories of her pool parties, family dinners and cruising with her.

For me, she has certainly become  - "daughter-friend" - a true giving and loving gift to me.

So I celebrate her today and feel blessed and proud to be her Mom.  And hope - that even though Erik and Addie are both sick and she may not be able to celebrate as planned tonight - that she has a fun day today.

And I hope she knows that this world is a whole lot better place because she is in it - as daughter, wife, mother, aunt, sister, friend. 

So I write today to celebrate a milestone in her life.  I believe that women just start to get interesting after 40 - so watch out!  Here she comes!

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