Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today - January 6 - a new season of the church year.

I preached this morning on the journey of the magi and realized that I may have preached about this story 20 times now - because it is there every year as we begin epiphany.

And truly I never get tired of it - because there is so much in it. Always.

I like the star, the journey, the fact they are companions, and most of all the warning in a dream about Herod. It is really rich in symbolism and meaning for me.

This year as I start a new "theme" for the year (faith is a verb) I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the magi "kneeling" at the sight of the baby. Kneeling as a sign of humility, reverence, wonder, worship.

And at the end of the sermon I basically asked this questions - not whether or not you will have "epiphanies" - God revealing moments this year. But the question is whether we will "kneel" when we do. In other words - and speaking completely for myself - will I sit with the God moments instead of being so busy and distracted that I just notice and keep moving.

Epiphany is about the revelation of God and it is through these moments that God is guiding us and loving us and shaping us.

May we pay attention.
May we kneel
May we act