Monday, January 5, 2015

1 - 5 - 15: Your Next Chapter Begins

This is what is engraved on the journal that Nicole bought me as a retirement gift.  And that is exactly how it feels today.  The next chapter begins.

Sunday the 28th of December was my last Sunday preaching, last week I slowly did the sorting out and emptying my office and last night was the party.  It was overwhelming and really wonderful.  This morning I read a a quote from Anne Lamott: "We're not what we do, but what we receive."
And I felt like I received a whole lot of love.

I was particularly touched by Judy Conibear's remembering my interview with the Bowling Green Church when I said something to the effect of "Everyone needs to know they are loved.  Everyone needs to be listened to."  I certainly did not remember that but continue to know that is true.

This morning I feel like I am basking in the miracle of God. In the midst of the mess that is me, the self doubt and anxieties, it is clear that God's love and grace have often prevailed in my life in the church.

And so as I begin this new chapter I start with my mantra - "I am here to be with you" and add to it  - "I am here to receive and to give."

My Blessing for Today
May the God of CELEBRATION stay with you as you discover the joy in your life.
May you be free to dance and play in the presence of the God who celebrates you.
May you celebrate the gifts of those around you and find joy in each one you meet.
May the God of CELEBRATION bless you.

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