Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today is a snow day for most of the schools in Columbus and I am available to watch Reagan and Addie today.  All day.

Two weeks ago I would try to make myself available for them - maybe watching in the afternoon or bringing them to church with me. Or working something out with Chuck.  But today I am available.

This is new and I like it. The gift of FREE TIME is startlingly new.  I can breathe and plan and take my time. 
Yesterday I planned some meals and shopped slowly instead of on my way to something else. 
I went to the drug store for a friend and delivered meds and it was lovely to just do it.
I waited at a dentists office for Chuck to emerge after a long procedure.
Because I had the time - FREE time.

Now I suppose I've always had time - certainly I quote Howard Ratcliffe when a minster complained about his busy life - "who makes up your schedule?"  There is a certain amount of autonomy in ministry (except Sunday mornings and weddings and funerals!) and we can be as busy as we want.
What I am learning is that for years there has been a inner clock within me - even during what I called a "day off" or "free time" that was planning for the next responsibility.

So, today is a day of gratitude for the gift of being truly AVAILABLE and I will be playing games, doing crafts and puzzles, watching TV and interacting with these loved granddaughters because I have TIME.

Here is the Blessing that I randomly found this morning from Maxine:

May the God of NEWNESS be with you, freshening you with renewed energy and awaking you with new perspectives on old visions.
May you be free enough to let go of what is stale and used up and to embrace what is new and full of promise.
May God's grace be with you as you wrap yourself in what is right, if unfamiliar.
May you look upon your life and your ministry with the eyes of God, ever new and ever transforming.
May the God of newness be with you.

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