Friday, January 9, 2015

Blessing the Threshold

        One of the blessings of my life is my "peer group." We 5 all graduated from the Wellstreams program in 2011 and continue to meet monthly to have a time of prayer and reflection and mutual support on this journey of going deeper with God.  They have been true spiritual  companions for me as I have over the years discerned God's leading me into this time of retirement.

    And so, yesterday as we met, they celebrated and blessed  this new time of my life. They gifted me with a prayer shawl, a "Joy candle" and coffee that is appropriately from "Grounds for Change."  And they prayed over me  Here is the prayer: "Blessing the Threshold"

Blessing the Threshold
This blessing
has been waiting for you
for a long time.
While you have been
making your way here
this blessing has been
gathering itself
making ready
biding its time
This blessing has been
polishing the door
oiling the hinges
sweeping the steps
lighting candles
in the windows.
This blessing has been
setting the table
as it hums a tune
from an old song
it knows,
something about
a spiraling road
and bread
and grace.
All this time
it has kept an eye
on the horizon.
keeping vigil,
hardly aware of how
it was leaning itself
in your direction.
And now that
you are here
this blessing
can  hardly believe
its good fortune
that you have finally arrived,
that it can drop everything
at last
to fling its arms wide
to you, crying
I have a sense of waiting this month to see what is coming next for me.  Right now, it is clearly a time of rest and refreshment.  And standing on the threshold to a new life.
I am so blessed by the various companions that God provides for me on this journey.  What a gift this group has been to me.

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