Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You give them something to eat

This is what Jesus said to the disciples when they wanted to send people to the villages to buy something to eat.  And I am sure they thought - we don't have anything.  What are you talking about?
And this was then followed by the feeding of the 5000.

This is one of the scriptures of today and I love it!  It speaks to me in all aspects of my life.

Yesterday I "launched" my website so to speak.  Before I posted information on this blog,   I sent the link to my daughters and some friends and received both encouragement and help.  Three of my friends, Kim, Debbie and Susan mentioned some spacing and editing needs.  Kacey immediately sent me a message using the website which reinforced that it works!  And Marnie sent a line by line proofreading response.  I thought this is exactly how it works for me. I am definitely of the "Just do it!" persuasion.  Get it out there even though you know it is not perfect and make changes along the way.  Everything I do needs both encouragement and a little help.

At the same time I am now reading through Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser for a book group next month. I feel so blessed by this book as in this writer I feel like I have found another kindred spirit. I completely identify with the understanding that we are all "Bozos on the Bus" who have an "Open Secret" which is the flaws, addictions, wounds and imperfections of our humanity.

So I launch a website and wonder if it is foolish.  With all of the questions that lurk within me - who do I think I am?  what am I doing?  what if a year from now I look back and think it was another thing I tried for a while and let go?  And all of that may be true and then at some point I say - so what?

I carry this awareness within me - the "Both And" of my identity.  I am a bozo on the bus.  Elizabeth Lesser writes: "We are all half baked experiments - mistake-prone beings, born without an instruction book into a complex world."  And I also am a disciple of Christ.  Walking with Jesus who enables me at times to help others to be fed in times of spiritual hunger.

So I am grateful today for all the ways in which I am being fed - with scripture, books, nature, and friends who encourage and help me. 

As always I say - God is Good, All the Time.

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