Tuesday, May 26, 2015

take the next step

I created a website for myself - and maybe some friends - and this is it:

When I was at Hilton Head I came to the realization that what I really enjoy doing is spiritual direction and I decided that I would come home and start to take it seriously.  So....a website.
And God only knows if anyone will respond to this offering.  But it is a start.  It is my next step.

Here is some of what is written on the website:

Each of us is given the gift of life and the opportunity to grow into becoming the people that we were created to be.  Our lives are fashioned by our families of origin, our personalities, our genetic make up. events in our lives  and the choices that we make along the way.

The spiritual journey is one of discernment as we listen to our own lives and allow ourselves to be guided by the still small voice of the Holy One who loves us and leads us into growth in all kinds of ways.  It is a process of transformation as with God we begin  to see and dismantle the masks we wear and the attachments that bind us so that we can  come home to our authentic selves and inner happiness.

A spiritual director has  been trained to help us to listen and look and reflect upon the movements within our own lives.  And through this relationship we  are better able to discern God's leading to take  the next step that leads to love, healing, growth, peace and freedom. 

My three years of the Wellstreams program gave me a wonderful opportunity to direct others and to really experience how God is present in our conversations with each other. I have been in spiritual direction for over 10 years and know that having someone who really listens helps you to hear yourself.  And when you can hear yourself, you can see how God has worked and is working in the midst of the dailiness of life.

I like the idea of "taking the next step" because I believe that this journey is ultimately about movement - slow but sure movement - as we give some things up and take other things on and keep trusting in God's guidance.  And that is how growth happens (by the way the print is in green because in my mind Green = Growth!)

So, if intention and naming what I want helps to bring my desires into fruition, I am doing that today.  I want to be a spiritual director - I just need somebody to direct.  

Check it out.

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