Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Blessings

Today was Mothers Day and it has been a good one.  When I was preaching, I always found the day to be tricky because there is often pain associated with this day.  The pain of a mother who has died, or a child who has died, or a mother who was absent, or the inability to be a mother.  There are so many hidden pains in a congregation regarding this day.

But THIS mother's day I only had to be ME and receive all the blessings of this weekend.

There was the blessing of being Audrey's mother.  Audrey, like me, is an ordained minister and she had a preaching gig today and sent me her sermon to look over on Saturday.  I love that I get to do this and I love that her sermons are SO GOOD.  Proud Mama here.

There is the blessing of being Marnie's Mom.    I had a beautiful lunch at her house today and got to play with the baby, joke with the big girls and receive cards and wine and a chocolate chip cookie cake.  This family knows me!

There is the blessing of being Kacey's Mom.  She called me last night to say that Jackson was going to the Emergency room at Children's Hospital following a seizure at a race.  "Do you want me to come?"  "Yes."  And just that is a blessing.  I get to (with the other grandparents) be loving support for a young family in a very scary time.  The good news is that he did come home last night and they will get some tests and maybe we will find out about why this very active little boy has had three seizures in 3 years.

To be a mother is to learn about love and limits and humility and love.   It is to be so proud of your children and so concerned for them.  It is to share history and humor and heartbreak and happiness.
It is the very best part of my life.

And so, happy mother's day to me.

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