Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I will not leave you orphaned

This is a quote from the Bible - John 14:18.  Jesus is preparing to leave this earth and he is telling his disciples that he goes to prepare a place for them but also that there will be this gift of the spirit.  And he will not leave them "orphaned."

I became an orphan in 2000 when my mother died.  My father had passed away in 1995 and then there were no more parents.  The greatest loss for me was that I no longer had someone to call to share the good news with - of grandbabies born or compliments given or other personal achievements. Like many of us, I would share some but not all of my struggles with my parents because I wasn't sure they could "take it."  But all of my successes and joys came to them because they shared in that completely. There is no question that I still miss them.  I wish my mother could see Jackson and Reagan play soccer and hold baby Maggie - the 5th Margaret in our line. I wish my Dad could fish or golf with Chuck and sit and laugh with  my girls and grandkids.  But I am an orphan.  Eventually, if we live long enough we will all be.

That idea just speaks to the reality of life that is full of change.  And to speak in cliches that are so true - Time is Marching on and I am not getting any younger and people come and go throughout my life. And the good news is there is a  constant presence.  It really helps to know and connect with our creator and recreator is also a "constant and abiding presence."  That connection with God or Jesus or spirit gives us peace this is not of this world.  And it does more than that.

I have thought about this recently as I contemplate my past.  Sunday  I traveled  to Bowling Green Ohio.  I lived there for 13 years, met and married Chuck there, had all 3 girls graduate from High School there and had a whole variety of experiences.  Some of which are very personal that I literally "ponder" in my heart when I remember them.  Also, through facebook, I have been in contact with some girls (now Grandmas!)  I grew up with in West Chester Pennsylvania and have been invited to a reunion in October with them.  I have not seen most of them for 50 years. My husband, kids and friends have no idea about any of this - this is my own singular history and memories to explore. 

And somehow this all makes me think about being "orphaned."  This life that can feel  isolated or random  or NOT. I believe that the spirit of God is very real and does bring PEACE in the midst of change and loss.  And it is even more.  I feel that the spirit leads us to people who can companion us on the journey of life as we go through change after change after change. And lead us to times and places of remembering, reflecting and re learning about God's activity in our lives throughout the years.  

I feel like I have rambled this morning, but really this is where I am often.  In awe as I get glimpses of the spirit at work in the past and the present.
I have not been orphaned but over the years:  protected and prodded and pushed by my heavenly father who gives me peace.

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