Monday, May 4, 2015

All you need is love

That song is flowing through me today.

 I just sat in my prayer room for a while writing, reading and meditating.  Thursday I went to the candle lab and Nicole treated me to a candle that I "designed."  I combined three scents: fresh linen, key lime and sea breeze.  This morning I lit it and the scents filled the room.  I looked around me and saw all kinds of signs of love in gifts from others.  There are memories for me in this room of so many occasions of my life that remind me of blessings throughout the years.  And I know now more than ever that LOVE is really the most important part of life.

Yesterday I went to Northwest Ohio and saw several people in my life.  I spent time with Rosalea, a former member of the church in Bowling Green who - a month after her husband's death - is living with both cancer and congestive heart failure.

       I took this "selfie" of the two of us that looks kind of cockeyed but I think she got a kick out of it

.Rosalea  has been a "doer" all of her life as teacher, mother, caretaker, super volunteer  and now all she can do is rest and receive the love that others want to give her.  And I think - like all of us - it is hard for her. 
There is always this part of us that wants to make sure we are worthy or can give back.  And of course, my faith tells me that none of us are really worthy - but all of us are loved and simply need to accept that.  I remember how hard all of this was for my mother and actually that is part of the challenge of retirement - receiving without "earning."  And of course, that is a definition of grace.
But what a gift it was for me to get to be with her so that in my presence she might know that I LOVE her and represent God who is love and loves her.  She is not alone.

Sunday afternoon I went to the baby shower for Brittany who is expecting a baby in 7 weeks.  She is Shane's wife and that baby girl, Blair, will be Chuck's first great grandchild. (mine too!)

There were 60 people there and I was not sure I wanted to make the drive - but so glad I did.  What I saw there was so much love expressed for this young couple in the presence of friends and family and some wonderful gifts that were given.  I watched Brittany being overwhelmed by this clear expression of love.  And again as  a new life begins I think it is so good to know that you are surrounded by LOVE.  You are not alone as you begin this daunting journey of parenthood.

And so as I begin this day I begin in expectation that love is being given to me in all kinds of forms.  I light my new candle and open myself to God whose nature is love.  And in that relationship I am breathing in LOVE that I can breathe out to a world that needs it.

Because all you need is LOVE

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Steven O Weaver said...

Thanks so much for including us in your special day. That blend sounds amazing so I hope you enjoy the candle!

Steve Weaver
The Candle Lab