Sunday, April 26, 2015

The blessing of being Ogram

This is a picture of me and my youngest granddaughter Maggie from Saturday night babysitting.  What is funny about this is that right after I took this picture, she woke up and starting wailing. But even that was okay because I got to be Ogram - her grandmother taking care of her.

This morning I went to church with Marnie and Maggie and we sat in the back row with Maggie on our laps, on the floor and altogether entertaining us throughout the service.  This is a true gift for me to attend church and get to be with my family.

I saw  Jacob and Heather Bane with their daughter Abby who is the same age and was just as cute and active as Maggie this morning.  Jacob said he wondered why they even went when they spend so much time fussing with the baby.  But from my perspective, it is priceless and I believe we are imprinting in this little soul a memory of being in worship with her Mom and Grandma (her Ogram) who love her as God does.

It is all good.

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