Friday, March 28, 2014

Morning Thoughts

I started my morning (after coffee and sudoko!) in the sanctuary reading aloud from Teresa of Avila and then writing in my journal. I am aware - as always on Fridays - of the Sunday sermon.

this week I am preaching about the healing of the "man born blind." And there are so many questions that are raised in this - why is a person born blind? how does this healing happen? who is this man Jesus?

And I realize that much of what trips us up in our faith is our desire to know more than is possible for us to know. And then we end up making up our own answers and reasons for the events of life.

and with all of that this morning, I wrote this reflection or prayer;

As I think about the blind man, - I think about the limits of knowledge and the desire to know.

and I am aware that there is so much that I don't know
why people get cancer
why they some are born into hardship and poverty
why bad things happen to any people
I do not know - and I do not trust those people who say they know

But I do know that you are here and you call us
to trust, trust in you.
I do know
that I am getting older,
that the trees will soon begin to bud
that nothing stays the same
I do know
that today will give me opportunities to love and create
that I will see beauty
that I will make mistakes

I do know that you are with me.
Inspiring me in my work
guiding me to the good and the beautiful
forgiving me when I fail to live the holy and blessed life

And most of all I know that today is a gift
full of possibilities
for love, creativity and beauty.

this is the Day that the Lord has made. amen

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