Sunday, March 23, 2014


I feel like I live my life often in a state of awe and thanksgiving. I want to write about it, but often am afraid I may sound smug or simple. But the truth is that I find myself - especially in reflection - amazed when I can glimpse what I believe to be the God at work in small and large ways.

So, I am grateful for:

Last Sunday when Nikki had a flat tire in front of our house and no one could take off one of the lug nuts. We worked and worked at it and I wondered what was going to happen, Suddenly a neighbor pulled into his driveway, he walked over and with sizeable weight and strength was able to do what had seemed impossible. I told him he was an angel. And found out his name was Michael. And I was grateful

Our morning prayers. Every morning during Lent I join one to three women at the church to read a prayer by Teresa of Avila and then sit in silence in the sanctuary. Sometimes I write and sometimes I just pray. But ALWAYS I feel blessed by the time that I spend there. I am grateful.

My daughters. Between going to dinner and a comedy night on Friday with Kacey and Marnie and a shower for Audrey on Saturday, I have been blessed by their company. The gift of children who love each other is every parent's dream - and I think that is what God wants for us as well. I am grateful.

Old Friends. Between the shower Saturday and worship today I saw old friends from Bowling Green. It was so good to share our lives with each other, catch up and know that our relationship continues in our absence. I am not a great correspondent at all - and so I am always grateful for those who accept me as I am and are able to pick up again after a long time away. I am grateful.

My husband. This evening during the 5 PM service one person mentioned his joy was my husband who came to his nursing home and visited one of the residents and raised her spirits. That is definitely one of chuck's gifts. At the age of 78, he continues to have energy and is never boring. He lifts my spirits and loves me. I am grateful.

Music in Worship. Both this morning and this evening I felt touched by singing in worship. This morning we sang "On Eagles Wings" and the whole picture of God holding us in the palm of his hand inspired me. And this evening we sang "Oh Happy Day" and "Jesus is the Center of my Life" and both of them touched me. I am grateful.

The Good Wife. I write this as I wait for it to start. It is one of my great pleasures - watching this and rooting for Alicia as she continues to evolve into this smart, savvy and pretty tough woman. I love it. I am grateful.

And of course, there is more. But what I believe is that a life of awareness of blessings is a good life.

And that is mine. For sure.
I am grateful.

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