Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do Not Hope For Too Litte

This really spoke to me in my morning devotions today.

Do not hope for too little.

I became aware of how easy it is to be "realistic" and therefore complacent.
It all may come back to the fear of being vulnerable.

Anyway here is MY morning prayer

Devil is at work within me as I start this day in distress and anxiety.
Until I come to your sanctuary and this time with you.

Lord, I want to be faithful
guided by you to do your healing work
I want to be bold in what I do today
I do not need to think about what anyone else thinks

I need to allow you to guide me to serve, to love to share, to illuminate

Do not hope for too little

I have seen how easily I settle but you keep calling me to MORE

Do not hope for too little

These words just shout through my smugness and complacency
these words speak volumes about what we can do and become
these words burst within my soul today

Do not hope for too little

PS - on the bottom page of my journal this morning was this quote from St Francis De Sales

"God most often works gently and gradually. he draws us nearer one step at a time.
The first action is his alone.
He awakens us"

Do not hope for too little.

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