Monday, March 10, 2014

Message to my granddaughters

I spent some time this evening looking through some old files of prayers and other writings. I found this - that just made me wonder. I wonder if I wrote it 20 years ago when my girls were teenagers or read it and liked it so much I kept it. Anyway, it is at times hard to be the mother of daughters as they try to find their identity in an often immature, consumer, sexualizing culture.

I am the mother of 3 daughters, one step daughter and 4 - almost 5 granddaughters. The teenage years were fun and challenging at the same time. And if I wrote this - I wrote during those years when they were driving me crazy with their attention to the superficial parts of being female.
Anyway, I really enjoyed rereading it and thinking about the beautiful and interesting women they have become. And knowing that this is a message for all girls.

A Letter to my daughter which I will never send

I want you to become a person - not just a cute girl

I want you to become a person with opinions and interest and loyalties,

I want you to :

1. Have a friend - a friend for whom you extend yourself
a friend who you stick with
a friend that you keep in contact with

2. Know and care about what is going on in the world
have opinions that you discuss and express on issues

3. Develop a particular interest in something
spend time and energy reading about it
develop some expertise

4. Find a cause and commit yourself to it

5. Develop a spiritual life

6. Read - widely and deeply

7. Stop being interested in your appearance, your hair, your clothes, your thighs.

I want you to become a person.

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