Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Holy Spirit

I am getting ready for Pentecost this Sunday which is our celebration of the gift of the HOly Spirit.

God keeps showing me the various ways in which spirit is working in different people.

Sunday night we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. In the morning we had breakfast with the other three couples who were staying there. One of them was a married couple who talked about their story of being led into a new life together. She had been a nurse and he was an executive in accounting and she used the term "call" to describe her desire to start a business in Grove City. It is a essentially a meeting center or party house where they host all kinds of celebrations like weddings, parties and even funerals. She talked about the joy for her of being the place where people come to make memories and celebrate. I heard the work of the spirit that guides us into that sort of life decision.

Before we left, we talked to BJ who is the owned of the B and B. He shared his story of how much he hated his job for 40 years and then bought this property and slowly restored it and it became the place of hospitality that it is now. I asked him about the Civil War memorabilia and he said that was a passion of his too. But another passion is that he travels all around the world working in 3rd world countries - building homes and doing whatever needs to be done. He has worked with Habitat and Doctors without Borders and with a friend has started his own very small mission to Central America that is in the Hocking Hills. An awesome story and I felt the spirit all over the place.

This morning I got word from Audrey that Sharon Watkins, our General Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is going to give her a writing for her "Easter Project." This project has so clearly been spirit driven. As Audrey started with this idea - she wondered if she could even get the 50 writings that she needed. Then she wondered if she could get any denominational leaders - like regional ministers and of course, Sharon herself. And it has grown and grown. Now every day she is publishing 2 writings because she has more than enough. There is talk of a book being published out of these writings. Sharon at first said that she would write, and then that she would not and now - this morning - in the last week - YES she will and she will have her husband write too.

I am awed by all of this and feel blessed to see and sometimes participate in the work of the spirit.

God is good, All the time.

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