Monday, June 11, 2012

Quiet Please

For the past few months I have noticed that my voice has been getting hoarse or husky. And frequently on Sundays by the end of the day my throat actually hurts. So, I finally went to the doctor.

And my doctor thought the problem was acid reflux, so I have been taking medication that has not solved the problem. So, after a visit to the ENT Doctor I know I have strained my vocal chords and need to refrain from screaming, whispering and singing.

I am not a screamer - but the third time I say something to Chuck is always a little loud - so I am giving that up. And I am not much of a whisperer. But singing - I really like to sing.

Yesterday was the first Sunday with the no singing and I found it to be difficult. And constantly had to literally stop myself - because it is what I do and love to do. Last night we had an amazing service in celebration of Deric's 30 years of doing music and I could not sing then which was even more frustrating.

I also am trying not to talk so much. I told Chuck that I really don't talk that much and he almost laughed at me. He pointed out the long weekly phone calls I have with my friend Susan and Geoff and the random calls from the girls and my Wellstream friends.

So, what i am learning is this - what a gift it is to be able to sing and to talk freely without thinking about your voice. What a tremendous gift it is.

But for now, my discipline is to be mindful of my speech and try communicating in other ways - like this, I guess.

Silence is golden - says some. Is difficult - says me.

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