Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thinking of Mother

I have thought a lot about my mother the last few days.

It is not because of MOther's Day - because that day was not for us a particularly special day. We were rarely together on Mother's Day because I never lived near my mother once I became an adult. Instead on that day I would hopefully remember to send flowers and to call her. Dutifully. No, Mother's Day was no big deal for us -

Instead I think of her this weekend because I have spent some time on the sides of soccer fields watching two grandchildren - Reagan and Jackson - play soccer. And that my mother would have loved to have seen.

I did not learn how to do my hair and nails from my Mom, I did not learn how to shop or really how to cook or to decorate a home. She did those things, but that was not at all a passion for her. Her passion was sports. She watched sports as an adult and she played sports as a young woman. My mother was an athlete - and if you met her in adulthood, you might not have recognized it right away. She was not a small woman and did not continue playing sports (except golf in her 50's) after she married. But in high school and in college she played everything - field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and softball.

And so, this weekend, watching Reagan go after the ball and being part of a team and so confident in the game would have pleased her immensely. And seeing Jackson as the soccer superstar - completely focussed on a game and scoring goals and being the goalie that never got scored on would have been fabulous.

So...I share my mother's name - Margaret - and I share her love of sports and I know that if she were here, she would share my love of watching these kids have fun on the field of play!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of us who are blessed to be mothers and to have mothers!

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