Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflection on Appreciation

I woke up this morning in the Robert E, Lee Room in the Georgian Manner in Logan Ohio. We spent one night there in the beautiful Hocking Hills of southern Ohio.

It is a beautiful setting. The Georgian Manner sits on Lake Logan. It is a large home with a spacious front porch with white rocking chairs overlooking the lake.
Chuck and I spent hours in those chairs last night and this morning, reading, talking looking at the beauty of the day. Watching heros, swans, ducks, geese, butterflies. The longer I sat, the more I saw, the more I appreciated.

And this morning waking up in this room I began to notice the myriad details of this home. It has been lovingly and painstakingly restored by the owner, BJ. He said he bought it and thought he would put in 18 months fixing it up - but it took 7 years. He is a Civil War Buff and the rooms all have antiques and memoribilia from those years. In the Robert E. Lee room there is a portrait of Lee, an antique rifle, a map of the western seat of the war. In the corner there is a dressmarkers torso with civil war uniform and a hat. I could go on and on about the lamp, the carpers, drapses, marble topped dresser, and this is only one room.

What occurs to me is that this is the result of someone's passion, creativity and inspiration. And I get to appreciate it.

And what I am recognizing is that appreciation is almost a decision to live in a way of life. It is about taking time to reflect, to notice and then to appreciate what is there. Somehow, I see appreciation as the fruit of our spiritual life - it happens when we stop, breath, look, notice.....and find ourselves awed.

My sense of appreciation today is much more than this beautiful Bed and Breakfast. I have time to reflect on the last few days at church and recognize how much creativity, inspiration, love and goodness has been part of our life together.

We had a wonderful meal on Saturday night and a great worship service Sunday morning to celebrate the 50 years of ministry of Karl Road Christian Church And as I reflect on it I appreciate:
In the table decoations done by June and Dottie and Barb
In the lovingly put together picture frames done by Kim and Jim
In the warm and welcoming emceeing of Alan at the meal
In the care that Marsha took in compiling a book about these 50 years
In the wonderful food prepared by Thom
In the heartfelt sermon by Herb on Sunday

So much care by so many people. So often I heard - "The devel is in the details" but as I look at a beautiful B and B and reflect back on a memorable weekend I know that God is truly in the details.

And when it is all said what I keep learning is that taking the time to look back, to reflect, to notice....leads to appreciation....and leads to a sense of abundance.


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