Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am six weeks into my sabbatical with six weeks to go. Halfway.
Still in Phoenix - coming home on Tuesday.

After six weeks, I do feel rested and I have definietly let go of responsibilities at church in my head. Life goes on without me, ministry goes on without me and I can trust in God's work always.

Sunday morning is definitely different during a Sabbatical. I got up this morning at 6:15 and walked around Susan's neighborhood. It is so different from home - the palm trees, the sky, the flowers, the heat - but it is, of course, beautiful. And it feels to good to walk - to move my body.

Then Susan and I sat drinking coffee and talking and reading the Sunday New York Times. Chuck comes in to offer to make us smoothees. It is so relaxing. Soon I will take a shower and we will go to their 11 AM services at her church - Beatitudes UCC - an open and affirming church right across the street.

Then lunch out and then? maybe a nap or a book. Or a museum. Sunday is very different on a sabbatical.

One of the understandings that I have reached during this first half of the sabbatical is that I need to have real sabbath in my life when I go back to work. Friday night both Susan and Ken were so happy because it was "the weekend." I have not experienced "the weekend" delight in 25 years - that is, the regular expectation of 2 days without work - or three night and two days without work. I have had only one day that I could count on - Monday. not even Sunday night. So, this time away and being with people who work hard too but who have the opportunity for weekly renewal has made me think long and hard about my own schedule. Something new will come of all of this, I am sure.

this past week in Phoenix I have started to have some ideas (inspirations!) about sermons ideas, themes, projects, etc. It just goes to show - that rest brings creativity and insights. All good.

So, looking forward to church today and to whatever more is ahead for us in the beauty of life in Phoenix.

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Kacey said...

i can't believe you're halfway done already. goes fast!