Monday, July 5, 2010

Living in the Now

Is difficult with my granddaughters.

Alyse and Reagan spent the night last night and soon we will be playing upwards in the dining room together.

I look at them - the daughters of my daughters Kacey and Marnie - and am often in a state of wonderment. They are 7 years old, soon to be in 2nd grade and long legged gap toothed beauties.

I peek at them when they are playing outside. They talk and talk and talk about a life that they will not share with me. Alyse starts to climb a tree, they both discover blackberries and they touch each other with the familiarity of the friends/ cousins that they are.

We played "Rummi cub" last night and I remembered playing that game with their mothers and Audrey 25 years ago. I look at them and remember the toddlers they were with such a delight in each other and so much laughter about God knows what. I see on their beautiful faces flashes of the luminous women they will become as well as the attitudes of adolescents that come and go. And when they went to sleep last night they needed still their horsy and blanky. Who are these little girls?

And who am I as their Ogram? A woman who is blessed beyond all deserving and living in the past and the future and sometimes the now.


Kacey said...

Love it love it. I feel the same way as her mom. Who is this girl that I'm so lucky to be able to raise?

Audrey said...

i love it too! i see that in them as well. mom - i feel like you are going to turn into a sufi or something at the end of this sabbatical - keep writing! i love those girls too. i wonder if it is God's wonder we experience when looking at them.

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Marnie said...

They are strangely "adult-like" in so many ways, teenagers in too many ways, yet still little kids in more ways than none. They are amazing kids and I'm so glad one of them is mine to share and the other I get to share with! :)