Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I just have a minute to write this because I am on a computer at the library, but i would like to give a flavor of what life is like here at Chautauqua.

This is my 15th year of coming here for a week during the summer and every year I wonder if it is going to be the last - because of the price - but when I get here I wonder how I can ever give this up.

We are staying at the Disciples House on the third floor. We share kitchen and dining room space with others but it is all okay. There is always a real community feel to the life here.

One of the blessings of this week is that Jim Bane and his wife Holly Harris are here. My friendship with Jim goes back to seminary (we both celebrate 25 years since ordination this summer) and we never run out of things to talk about.

This morning I got up took a walk, had breakfast, went to morning worship and then sat on the front porch reading a new book. I have already read three books this week and now am starting "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." There is a lecture right now on education which i am missing. At 12:15 I will meet Chuck in the amphitheatre for a 30 minute organ concert and then we will get on a trolley to go intown (Mayville) to go out to lunch. Often we just grab a sandwich in the kitchen.

I want to be back by 3:30 when I go to a class on "Shame and Hope" taught by a doctor and a psychoanalyst. I have already been to 2 seesions and it is powerful and just absolutely fits into what i have been learning in spiritual direction (plus it will preach!)

Then we will have dinner and go to the ballet.
This is a typical day at Chautauqua - walking, reading, learning, and being with friends.
And did I mention that it is beautiful? To have a week every year when you are in a lace that values intellectual and spiritual growth is a terrific blessing for me.
That's all for now.


Kacey said...

sounds wonderful.

Eventuallysusan said...

I want to know more about shame and hope. It does sound quite incredible.