Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last Time

Warning - this gets kind of personal......

Yesterday I had my last pap smear.  Unless they find something problemmatical - this is it.  Who knew that when you got to a certain age they stop needing to do this very intrusive and personal procedure?  Not me.

I told my doctor that I was probably going to blog about this because it seems actually noteworthy.  One more step on the aging path leading me closer to "Crone - hood."  The wise old woman, I hope and not the old crank.

I asked my doctor if she remember her first pap smear - I remember mine.  It was a big surprise and my mother did not prepare me for this at all.  And it was, as was usual for that time, a male doctor.
Much different these days as there are explanations throughout the procedure now and a familiar women  and (after three children) it is almost routine.  But that first one!  Wow - it was startling and embarrassing.  Talk about feeling vulnerable!

So, I say good bye to that part of my life.  And embrace this interesting experience of aging.  There is much that I miss - like my youthful metabolism, smoother skin and better memory.  But this is one part I will not miss.

Good bye pap smear.  I won't miss you at all!

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