Friday, September 25, 2015

A Word about the Pope


That really is the word that has come to me this morning as I watch the Pope praying at Ground Zero in New York.  He stands there in prayer while people watch him, photographers walk around getting the best picture, the news media commentates and the police protect him.  He stands in prayer to God at this site of evil that was the beginning of so much more bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq.  But he prays as if they are not there.  He is calling on a power that is not of this world.  In faith.

Watching him for these days has been a revelation of what a life lived for God looks like.  I was struck by one newswoman who in describing his reaching out to people past the comfort zone that his protectors what for him said:  "There is such freedom to not worrying about protecting your life."  That is - there is such freedom to trusting God.

And now I see how he is making choices to go to places of pain and tension and brokenness

*  eating with the homeless
* speaking to  the deeply divided congress
*  speaking to the  conflicted UN
* Praying and comforting at Ground Zero

It could be all ceremonial but it so clearly isn't.  I am touched by this man who speaks and lives the way of Jesus.  Who tells the leaders of our country and the world to apply the Golden Rule as they make decisions that affect everyone.

John Boehner is resigning and it was reported that he read aloud the famous prayer by Saint Francis and the speculation is that somehow this visit nudged him to a new path in his life.  That is surely the way God works - through people who have the courage to truly put their trust in God.  What could be more freeing or more powerful than that?

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