Friday, September 18, 2015

Hanging out with Taylor

Last night I went - with Kacey - to a Taylor Swift concert.  And it was something else.

For the past few years I have stopped giving my daughters material presents for Christmas in favor of experiences.  And the best ones are the ones I get to share with them.  So, this last Christmas (and for her birthday) I gave Kacey tickets to this concert that was 9 months away! 

Not knowing at the time that Kacey would have parent conferences that night and that Jackson would have soccer practice and Alyse would have cross country practice and Brett would be out of town.  It was a big question early in the week whether Kacey could manage this - but thanks to her wonderful mother in law Karen and friends who drove the kids we did it!  And it was worth it all.

This was her 1989 concert - based on that music from that album and 1989 is - of course - her birth year.  Mine is 1949 and I wonder if I was the oldest person there.  It seemed like it but it really didn't matter.  This was, without a doubt, the biggest concert I have ever been to and it was noteworthy for many reasons
1. The first thing was the noise - I have truly never been in a space of so much sound - the musicians were part of it, but most of it was the crowd of mostly young girls.  Boy, do they know how to scream.

2. The lighting and the production values were fantastic.  Everyone of the 15000 in the arena were given bracelets that changed colors and Taylor sang different songs.  It was extraordinary and just exciting to be part of it.

3. Taylor Swift is one polished performer.  She had lots of costume changes, played several instruments, danced and pranced on the moving stage.  They had screens with dramatic close ups of her face and it was amazing.

4. Somehow, she managed to make all of us feel like she was blessed that we were spending an evening "hanging out" with her.  There is the cynic inside of me that was silenced as she earnestly spoke about broken hearts that heal, about  being brave enough to love again and the importance of girl friends.  It was a good message.

5. The best part was being with Kacey.  She loved it and I love her and what can be better than that.

I have been listening to a book by Jane Paul about reinventing your life and I thought that while I may not do this again for many years - I am happy to be doing something very different for me.
Having just a fun evening hanging out with Taylor and one of my favorite people on the planet.

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