Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 12

It is the last week of my sabbatical and God continues to bless me in so many ways.

First of all, a great blessing in the last few days has been time spent with my granddaughters - Reagan, Addie and Alyse. They are growing up to fast - 2 2nd graders and one first grader. And wonderful, interesting girls. Love hearing about school and teachers and riding the bus and all their adventures. It is pure joy.

Second, I have started seeing some folks from church to prepare for my re-entry and it is obvious that all has gone very well in my absence and people have had some remarkable experiences this summer that has led to their spiritual growth. I feel blessed to learn about that and I look forward to what is coming.

Third - my reading has been prolific and satisfying. I did finish the third book of the trilogy - "The Girl who kicked the hornets nest." Loved all 1800 pages of the three books. As I am in a mode to be looking ahead to the life of Karl Road Christian Church in the future I have found 2 books that have been really helpful:
"A Failure of Nerve" by Edwin H Friedman and "Pursuing the full Kingdom Potential" by George Bullard. And I got my books for this term at Wellstreams and have started reading"Bio Spirituality" (by Peter A Campbell and Edwin M. McMahon and it is really engaging and helping me to keep going deeper with God.

Finally, I am attending to my health concerns with a visit with my doctor and new medications, a colonoscopy on Friday and then the 2nd eye surgery next week.\

I am filled with a sense of gratitude for this time and want to enjoy every moment.
I am writing this quickly as Chuck and I are going out on a date - to the movies this afternoon - to see George Clooney ( I heart George!) and a last lunch before serious fasting for the procedure on Friday.

God is good - all the time. But especially you know it on a sabbatical!

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