Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Word about Grandsons

As a mother of daughters, there is something very special about grandsons for me and today I get to be with 2 of them.

This morning I went to see Jackson, age 5, play soccer. And i joined Jackson's family - a very big family - including his mom and dad and sister Alyse, his aunt Marnie and Erik, cousins Addie and Reagan, and his aunt Eileen, and his Aunt Lindsay and Unclle Erik and cousin Avery and his Grandpa and Annie, his Pawpa and Nana and me - Ogram! That's a lot of family for a little boy - but we got quite a show.

This kid can play soccer and it was so much fun to watch him. He is aggressive and pretty good with the ball and completely unafraid get into the fray. He took the ball from midfield and scored a goal! And the whole time he is engaged, smiling and having fun. It was a wonderful way to spend time this morning.

Chuck wasn't with me because his grandson Shane is down visiting from Toledo. Shane is a senior at University of Toledo and just came to spend time with his Grandpa. They played golf this morning and went to a Greek Restaurant for lunch. We all watched footbal this afternoon, had dinner and played - quiddler and rummi kub tonight. Now we are watching the end of the Auburn-S Carolina game. Shane has a personality as easy going as Chuck's and is always pleasant and fun to be with. He is patient with Chuck and appreciates his quirks (like collecting hickory nuts when he is golfing) with good humor. It is a real blessing to have a young man in our life who seems to genuinely love to come and spend time with us.

As we were playing tonight he was reminiscing about playing pounce with Mom Mom - my Mom so many years ago. So, I guess this is a time that we are making memories.
For all of us.
So, a

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Kacey said...

I only hope Jackson grows up to be as great a guy as Shane is.