Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cataract Surgery

Well, one eye done and in two weeks the other.
Many people have had cataract surgery and there is no question that it is easier than it used to be. When you had to stay still for over a week.

Everyone told me that it is no big deal. And in many ways it wasn't. My doctor's office is extremely organized and they certainly know what they are doing.

However, it is still surgery.

What happens is that you are put to sleep for 4 minutes in which they do something to your eyes. Something that deadens half of your head and makes your eye open. I think.
My theory is to not learn too much about exactly what they are doing.

All I know is that when I woke up I was in the operating room. Which was okay - I closed my other eye and prayed and waited for the doctor. Who, I think was late. So I could hear the nurses and techs talking quietly and Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus Take the Wheel."

I took that as a good sign and resumed my prayer.
Finally the doctor came and they started.
At this point I realized that I had to have my eyes open and see what was happening. As he started I could feel my heart really start pounding
So I start in
"Jesus take the Wheel"
Breathe in Love
Breathe out Anxiety
Breathe in love
Breathe out anxiety.

And I did start to calm down.
Everytime this thought came to me: "They are operating on my EYE!" I would say to myself - breath in love and breathe out anxiety.

But that thought kept coming in.
THEN I heard the doctor saying "They are stuck together. i can't get this."
And I am wondering "What is stuck?" Then I morph into the prayer for him and for the cataract to release - and praying God's guidance on him. And if you could hear this prayer - it was pretty impressive.

Then he tells ME - that they are trying to get the cataract out. And I say "OK" like it is no big deal and resume my praying

Again the thought comes - "They are operating on my EYE!"
But finally he asks for the lens and then it is over.

And the rest is Okay - I get orange juice and a cookie. (cookies are my comfort food) Chuck drives me home as I have a patch on my eye and half my head is pretty numb.

Today I went to the doctor, he took the patch off and there is brightness to my visioin that is new. And I can see twenty twenty out of that eye. Amazing.

Two weeks from now I go through this again. I'm not going to say it is no big deal - but I will say it is worth it.


Audrey said...

good entry mom - i hope you are seeing well today -- sounds really interesting!

ELYSSA said...

I admire your courage. I am going to try that chant when I feel anxious.

Kacey said...

20/20 vision...WOW.