Friday, August 20, 2010

A word about Advance

I am sitting in the office of the Admin building at Camp Christian on the last full day of Advance Conference. Advance is the camp for young adults - ages 19-29 which is a very special camp. Not many churches offer a week like this.

I have been coming here as "faculty" for over 12 years and for the last few serve as "co director" with Allen Harris. The other people who are faculty have really become friends over the year - not to mention Audrey who is here too.

Even though I am on sabbatical this week is part of my summer. It feeds me in so many ways. I really love being with the young adults and learning about their lives. many of them are in transition - from home to schools, from college to grad school, from school to job, from job to 2nd job. So much happens to us in our twenties.

The theme for this week is about our personal relationship with God. Monday Allen and I did a keynote on the roles of God - creator, sustainer, redeemer. My part was to do a "Cosmic Walk" about the universe (creator) and then to teach about how God and LOVE redeems our wounds. Later key notes have been about fear, sin, and "why Jesus" Today Audrey's is about our relationship with God. Following this talk, we meet in small groups and discuss among ourselves. It is so rich and full for me - the talks and the talking! One of the blessings of my long relationship with camp is that I am with young people in their 20's who I remember as 12 year olds! It is all amazing.

Anyway, saying prayers for Audrey today. I love that I get to be with her and see her in this role. She is a wonderful speaker and I know that her keynote will bless me as well.

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Audrey said...

thanks mom! i appreciated your prayers - it was a great week!