Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Not me - Chuck

I am home after dropping him at the airport this morning. He is going to Phoenix where he is going to be the nurse/companion/cook/handyman for Ken Felt for 10 days.
Ken is having eye surgery tomorrow and Chuck is going to help out with everything.
What a guy - and what a blessing it is. For them and for Chuck

Chuck has learned that his greatest joy is helping other people and that is what he does best. In his own inimitable style.

This year for the most part it is Chuck who is picking our granddaughter Addie up at the babysitter and taking her to kindergarten every day.

It is Chuck who is on call at church for all kinds of things - fixing toilets and cleaning carpets and of course shoveling the walks.

It is Chuck who has gone to many elementary schools to be the "cookie man" surprsing the classroom with homemade cookies and this crazy man who is delivering them.

It is Chuck goes to the doctor's office and brings cookies or to a golf course and brings home made cupcakes for the staffs who work there.

It is Chuck who will give children and grandchildren milk shakes and footmassages and home made french fries and onion rings on demand.

It is Chuck who is always bringing home surprises for me - food and dishes and all kinds of things trying to make me happy.

And he does. Life is never boring when you live with this man. So I pray for the Ken in the next few days of surgery and I know that he will be taken care of by Chuck.

And my life will probably be a little dull for a while.


Elyssa said...

I agree that he is very generous. When we had dinner at your house after Thanksgiving, he made sure to make me a special meal because I don't eat red meat. And of course before dinner we had several courses of snacks that he served on platters as a caterer would! He also gave Alex lots of great info for our trip to Florida.

Kacey said...

Chuck is awesome.

PattieC said...

I echo Kacey, "Chuck is awesome." You found a gem when you found Chuck. He is the model of what I would my retirement years to be like. What fun to do things for people just because you want to, and love them. Wouldn't this world be so much better if there were more Chucks?

Gail said...

And he does it all with that wonderful smile.