Saturday, February 27, 2010


Watching "The Wire" At least it has been for Chuck and I.

A couple of weeks ago I suggested to him that we try watching this. It was a series that ran on HBO for 5 seasons which we can rent through Blockbuster. I had always heard that it was the best TV show ever.

The truth of our lives - for Chuck and I - is that we actually don't do enough together. Frequently in the evening, he will watch sports on one TV and I will watch junk on another. I am sure that is true of many couples. Anyway, I thought this would be good for us to do together.

And it has been. We started and we got hooked. Now - every season is 12 to 13 episodes and we are not in the 5th season after a couple of weeks. That will tell you something.

It is about the city of Baltimore and covers lots of ground. There are multiple plots and characters and it takes you from the drug culture, to the police, to the dock workers, to the mayor's office, to the schools and to the newspaper. Eventually. I am very curious how it is all going to wrap up - we have 2 episodes to watch today.

It is showing all the ways in which our country is broken as the schools, the police, the government are all affected by people caring more about personal power and money. I can hardly describe it in words - you have to see it. The characters in this are memorable and I would love to show clips of it in a sermon but the profanity is throughout and....oh well.

I find myself thinking about all of it....and am happy to recommend it to anyone.
But it is addictive - hard to stop watching -


WayneG said...

True dat!

ELYSSA said...

I am SO GLAD you are enjoying The Wire. I wish I could see it all over again for the first time. Alex and I LOVED it for the same reasons you did and we watched it together obsessively. Season 4 about the schools was my favorite by far. Some of the most memorable characters ever were in this show: Stringer, Bunny, D'Angelo, Bubbles, McNulty, Omar (the first gay gansgter), etc. I hope you can see why I write about The Wire in my blog so much.

suddenlysusan said...

It's crack.

WayneG said...

Glad you and chuck enjoyed watching The Wire together. Wish I were a fly on the wall to hear some of Chuck's comments.

Gail said...

Glad you and Chuck enjoyed watching The Wire together. Would have liked to be a fly on the wall to hear some of Chuck's choice comments. I loved watching it too. ONe of my memories is McNulty's surprise at Stringer Bell's apartment, when he went there after Stringer had been wasted by Omar. McNulty looked around at all the books and the upscale furnishings and said, "Who was this guy?" He had only known Stringer, the criminal, and didn't know about this other side of Stringer - The Stringer who wanted to be mainstream, who tried to educate himself.