Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night was the end of the 3rd semester of my Wellstreams program to become a spiritual director.
I am surprised to find that I am halfway through this process. Already.

And I have three more semesters - a year and a half and I will be through. Amazing.

I am about to enter into a really daunting part of this process. We will not only have class, read books, write papers, and have triads where we do direction with each other - but we will start doing direction on people outside of the class - for a year. I have two people to guide and I will also have to meet with my supervisor once a month.

What I have learned is to do everything as it comes and not to worry about how to get it done.

Because this clas is really about deepening our spiritual life, and growing more and more into a trust of God's presence and power - I find that my anxiety about performance has really gone down over the past two and a half years.

I have no idea where this is all going to lead. I know that the spiritual direction that I will not do will not involve parishioners, friends or family. So, we will see where God is leading me once I become more skilled in this ministry.

Anyway, it is stunning to me that time is passing so quickly on this - and I know that it will be a blink of an eye and this whole wonderful experience will be over.

I am just so glad that I took the risk and the effort to enter into this program.
It is all about following your dreams.


suddenlysusan said...

You won't be my spiritual director any more?

Kacey said...

Yes she will, Susan. You just have to pay her now. :)