Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diversity in the church

This is what I love about serving at Karl Road Christian Church.

- I just did a wedding for David Koomsen and Florence bassamami. David is from Ghana and Florence from Sierre Leone and they were married last summer in an African wedding and today I did an official wedding that is sanctioned by the state. It was "my wedding service" African style. We started about 45 minutes late waiting for Florence's 92 year old mother come from Pickerinton. I got to visit with her daughter and learn how the family came to America. It is really an inspiring wedding.
- the wedding itself was the one I usually do - but we had LOTS of pictures being taken throughout the wedding. It was really kind of crazy but in a good way.
- right now the reception is going on in fellowship hall. The food is African and the dancing is too - but it looks very much like the way we all dance at weddings except for the music different. The movements are the same. I sit there and just feel blessed to experience all of it.

This morning Charles Montgomery preached - he is our gospel praise service preacher, a gifted young African American man and a great preacher.. I had to encourage him to realize that 20 minutes was probably the max for this service - instead of 30 - 35 that he preaches in the evening. He was slightly more restrained - but so powerful that people clapped in the middle of the sermon. Trust me - I have never had that in my life of preaching!

Audrey was here and a friend came up to her after the worship and said she should have sat in the "gay row." I kind of liked that - we are not an officially open and affirming church - but we are a welcoming and accepting church. So, there is another form of diversity that I celebrate for our church.

This is absolutely the joy of my life - watching a white church become transformed into a place that is more and more accepting of the diversity of God's creation.

Charles Ferguson - our previous preacher for the gospel praise service - said the church is supposed to look like heaven. We are getting there.


ELYSSA said...

Your church sounds wonderful and they are lucky to have you!

suddenlysusan said...

Oh, I wish I'd been there.

Kacey said...

What a great church.