Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What do you know?

I write this from Charlottesville Virginia where I am at the "Festival of the Book " with Marsha. This is our third year of attending this delicious time of learning as we will go to many lectures by authors about a whole variety of subjects.
This morning we are going to tour Monticello  and this afternoon the lecture will include my niece Hannah!

I read scripture this morning and was struck by the text from John  7 where there was a discussion between the people and Jesus. "Where does your teaching come from?"  They ask him. His reply is " my teaching is not mine but his who sent me."   Later he says " the one who sent me is true and you do not know him"

What I continue to learn is that everything we know is partial and limited because of the time we live in and our resistance to learning more and really opening our minds. I think of Thomas Jefferson, brilliant and wise and a slave owner who was in relationship with Sally Hemmings. ( more to learn today!)

My belief is that there is always more to learn and understand about the world and ourselves.  Our tendency is to engage in what Richard Rohr calls "dualistic" thinking instead of being open to the complexity and ambiguity of non dual thinking.  God has a gift for us of "inner" knowing that has something to do with valuing and engaging in the contemplative life.

Anyway,nmy mantra for today isAbide in God who isnTtrue

RciardnRohr suggest this as a prayer

be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know that I
Be still and know


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