Monday, January 23, 2017

A Day of Inspiration

Saturday I walked in one of the many "Women's Marches" that took place around the globe.  My heart's desire was to go to Washington DC but I was preaching on Sunday so could not make plans.

Then, last Monday that preaching was cancelled and I was in a quandry.  What to do?  So on facebook I asked who was going to Washington DC and it did not look like it would be possible for me to get a ride with those who responded.  On Tuesday I told a friend, I would put it out "in the universe" that I was available to march and see what would happen.

Thursday I had lunch with Wendy and she confided her desire to go with her friend Libby.  I told her to count me in wherever they ended up and it turned out that the plan was to go to Ann Arbor.  Libby lives in Perrysburg, the march began at 1:30 Saturday, and it seemed very possible.  So Saturday morning I picked up Wendy at her home and armed with snacks and a sign and a lot of enthusiasm we went on our road trip.

Libby brought her friend Cathy and when we got there, we parked beside a woman from Michigan named Debra and spent the afternoon together - having lunch, gathering, marching and listening to inspiring speakers.  Our group of 5 was almost a symbol of the day - five different women who had one important thing in common - a desire to witness to values of our country - freedom, equality, justice and inclusion. There was a spirit of just fun and friendliness with all the thousands of people who gathered.  The signs were many and varied and really creative.  Here are three of them.

Someone on facebook asked why I walked and my answers are my own. I would imagine we each have our own reasons for being part of this gathering.  For me, I realize how important it is  that there continue to be rights and freedoms accorded to the LBGTQ community.  In addition I definitely do not want any going backward in terms of reproductive rights for women.  On a really personal level I have been so dismayed by our new president's vulgarity and crassness but clearly he is who he is.

It was really thrilling to me to consider that my daughter was marching in Tuscon, my brother and sister in law in Boston, my nieces in NYC, my best friend in Phoenix, her daughter in Chicago  and many friends and colleagues in Washington DC. What was most important to me really was the inspiration and the encouragement to keep going and getting involved in some way to make continue to promote my values.  I do believe that our president pays attention to numbers - and there were millions of (mostly) women who made their presence known on Saturday.  I am glad to have been one of them.

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