Thursday, November 17, 2016

Living Mindfully

Through everything.  That is definitely what I would love to be able to do.  I finally finished When things Fall Apart by Pema Chodren.  I started it months ago never imagining that the election would end with the presidency of Donald Trump.  And it sure has been a great companion during this time.

I have found myself in many, many conversations since the election with people who are devastated with the result.  Sunday I was blessed and stressed to find myself in the pulpit in Delaware Ohio and given the opportunity for deep reflection about life in the present and the wisdom found in the word of God.

The title of my sermon was "Words and a Wisdom" which is quote from Luke 21:15, part of the lectionary text.  I was amazed to find how relevant that text was as Jesus was instructing his disciples about the unimaginable destruction of the temple that was coming.  There is a word that has been used over and over again about this election - "Unprecedented" - there have been so many unprecedented events over the last six months - from the release of private emails through wiki leaks, to a candidate who won't release his taxes,  to a former first lady running with her husband advising, to crude and vulgar language from a candidate, to the election of a non politician.  And that is just the surface.

Now as Trump is scrambling to put together his team that will help to govern this country, I just watch in wonder.  Wondering who he really is?  And how much things will change?  And what is going to happen?  Pema Chodren quotes her teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche who said: "the world will never run out of messages."  One message for sure is how little control any of us have.

I was blessed to preach because the real message I found - rediscovered - was Jesus saying to his people - and to us - "don't be led astray."  And I believe we are led astray when we walk away from the path of love and trusting in the unseen God.    When I look on facebook, I am concerned about people demonizing those who voted differently from them and assuming that they know their reasons. In my conversations with others and my reading, it is clear to me that we are many and varied in our concerns and most of us are just trying to make our way in this world - making a living, taking care of our families, living our best lives.

And even though it seems we  have no control, we have to pay attention to what is going on right now and be open to what our role is in speaking truth to power.  Because even though we are each only one voice and one vote - we all are part of the solution.

I will end with this quote from the text that gives me some reassurance even as I write this:

So make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance; for I will give you words and a wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to withstand or contradict. 

May it be so.

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