Friday, March 4, 2016

Sweet Dreams

I have just returned from the beginning of a "Dream Retreat."  It started tonight and will go on all day tomorrow.  I am so happy to be doing this and pondering the promise of our dreams.

I have been aware of the power of dreams for over thirty years and over the years have greatly benefitted from remembering, recording and working with my dreams.  They have provided guidance for me as well as comfort and sometimes confrontation.

Here is some of what I learned tonight
1. Dreams are a series of images, experiences, feelings, thoughts, stories, words over we we have little or no conscious control.
2. They contain symbols which continue to release meanings to us as we pay attention to them.
3. When we are asleep the ego is dethroned and the SELF is revealed.
4. Dream is a snapshot of the spiritual condition of a person.
5. Dreams help us to stay in balance in the rhythm of our lives.

Buddha said: "When one is on the right path, one has good dreams."

Now, I have not been remembering dreams lately and so do not have a dream to bring to this class.  But we will spend time with 7 people's dreams tomorrow and I look forward to it. And tonight I pray that I might have a dream.

Here is a wonderful poem by Edwina Gately

I am your dream,
I swell your soul
in a moment of suspended grace.

I am your dream
I dance on waters shining
in the rising sun

I am your dream - 
diamond glinting - 
in night's display of stars.

I am your dream,
I hide in you - 
burning in your deeps.

I am your dream - 
your breath of God - 
waiting to be born.

Sweet Dreams!

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