Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I wrote this for my writing class after spending time with the story of the raising of Lazarus. 


She is  curled up in  a dark cave
She entered after facing the error of her ways
Her lack of responsibility
                 Her failure to respond
                            Her sleeping through class
You may not  know that she is really in that cave
Even while she is cleaning the kitchen
                  And  Shopping at the grocery store
                                And Speaking to you
What is she doing there? 
She is not: licking her wounds,     
            Or drowning her sorrows,       
                        Or having a pity party
She is:  berating,   blaming,      shaming,     condemning,     hating                Herself
              She is bound and tight
                        She feels worthless   
At last,  a  glimmer of light appears and a quiet footfall reveals the presence of another

                  Who sits with her in the dark

                  And then says: “what is my grace for, if not for you?”  

The light grows and illuminates the cave 

             a hand helps  her to her feet

                        she hears the  invitation to come out   

Let’s remove the bonds of shame

         And be free 

                 and imperfectly alive today!



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