Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Women Writing for (a) Change

     This is the name of a new endeavor for me.  It is a "private writing school with a feminist philosophy, aiming to improve peoples lives through the art of writing and the practices of community endeavor  "  Yesterday I went to their "sampler" event to get a taste of what this is all about.

Of course I went with trepidation about how I would do and be received.  And the usual - what to wear.  I have this thing about "scarf wearing women" being more stylish than sweatshirt wearing me and so I wore a sweater and a scarf trying to fit in to what I imagined the group would look like..   But the scarf covered my name tag and I removed it.  I think it is all a metaphor!

Anyway I am always attracted to structured meetings and this promises to be one.  We were given an agenda and they stuck to the times that were listed.  That was certainly a good beginning.

We were in a circle and I could not help but remember joining a new circle almost 8 years ago at Wellstreams and feeling similar feelings of being welcome and safe and in the presence of people who shared my values and dreams.  When I began Wellstreams, my sister had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and my daughter had just moved into my home following a divorce.  And I was full of all of that trauma.   Yesterday I had told Brian that he could no longer live with us and I was certainly full of that trauma.   And with both, there was the belief within me that I was where I needed to be.  This journey will help me.

We did several things that will be part of our Monday evening experience.  We checked in, we read an article together and reflected on it, we had a "fast writing" period and then "Readbacks."  Afterwards we passed the "talking stone" and each shared a word or two about their experience together and I said "a good beginning."  It really was.  I am happy to be in the company of new women, to be led by women I already respect and admire and to be given an opportunity to write with others and share my writing.

When we did the "fast writing" we were given prompts to choose and the one I picked was "This right now is home."  I found myself thinking about home - and how my feeling of home for six months was radically changed as Brian was living with us.  And now the new beginning for me is embracing what home will become.  Here is what I wrote:

This right now is home
Where I am free enough to let go and allow myself
    to breathe
    to wait
    to create

This right now is home
where I am  allowed to be
    and sloppy
    and stupid

This right now is home
where I can
   and read
   and remember

That I belong here
   I am safe here
      All is well here
At Home

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