Monday, August 24, 2015

Famly Emergency

I am home now in front of my computer after two days of being consumed with our family emergency which centered on baby Maggie.

What happened was sudden and somewhat random.  A cut or a bug bite that got infected somehow led on Friday to a visit to the doctor and draining the site and antibiotics.  A return visit Saturday to the emergency room that ended up in a two day hospital stay and actual surgery to take care of the problem.  I hope it is taken care of - we just found out that it was MRSA and that is, of course, concerning.

For me, it meant that my life shifted suddenly to being Ogram and taking care of Addie and Reagan so that Marnie and Erik could be at the hospital the whole time.  When I was on retreat last week I had received a "Chevron Amythyst" stone from Julia which is supposed to "control temperament by imparting soothing, calming and tranquilizing influence."  And that is definitely who I seek to be in a time like this.

There is nothing scarier than seeing a one year old in a hospital bed with an IV.  And watching her parents try to maintain a calmness in the midst of their own anxieties.  We had a similar scare in the spring when Jackson had a seizure that brought all of the grandparents to children's hospital in support of Kacey and Brett. What I know for sure is that at times like this, it is so good to have a tribe of people that care and pray and stand with you.

I remember early in my ministry thinking I needed to say something in times like this.  And of course, I didn't what to say that was not a platitude or some kind of advice. The older I get, the more I realize that advice is about the last the we ever need.  What we really need is an acknowledgement of love - whether it is a text, a call, a visit, a facebook prayer - just something that says I see your need and I am "with you."

And so, I am grateful to all who love our Maggie and have prayed for her and Marnie and Erik through this time.  And I pray that I might  be aware of those who are in their own emergencies and in need  of love and attention right now so that I might be "with them" in some form or fashion.

"Melt Me, Mold Me, Fill Me, Use Me"

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