Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Psalm For Today

I sit on my porch this morning and confront my fears.
As my daughter and son in law are out of work
and my step son struggles to find his place in this world
and my husband continues to age
and I wonder about calling in retirement
And the fears, anxiety, confusion and worry bubble to the surface
I face it all, sit with it, feel it

And then stop and remember my mantra
"I am here to be with you"
May I be here
In a comfortable, sunny space
with my dog at my side
May I remember
you have rescued me in the past
you have guided by path
you have provided not only growth but miracles

May I sit and see today
Your beauty in creation - the grass, the trees, the flowers
Your presence in the sounds of the breeze and the birds
Your blessings in this moment of life

And may I trust you
and your love
and your spirit
at work

In my life
and in the life of those I love

May I be still and know
be still and see
be still and trust

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