Friday, April 11, 2014

Trials are the measure of God’s love.

This is today's mantra from Teresa of Avila: TRIALS ARE THE MEASURE OF GOD'S LOVE

I sit in the sanctuary this morning and see the flowers that are from the "Stefani's Champions" luncheon. This luncheon honors the caregivers of those who have cancer. Several years ago Trixie was honored by her daughter Lisa and we went as part of "Team Lisa" in support and love. We continue to go to this event because which is both inspiring and bittersweet because both Stefanie Spielman and Lisa have passed away. And so as I read today's prayer and mantra I cannot help but think about Fred and Trixie and my family members who have been through the trials of cancer and know that it strips away everything that doesn't matter.

I started today looking at the mirror and wondering about whether or not to have a haircut and all that involves. new style? color? money? And now I sit here and remember my sister, my mother and Lisa with their hair gone. Trials are the measure of God's love?

This is a hard and simple and probably true statement. It seems that in the trials God burns away the external issues and cares and what remains is what really matters. Years ago I used to do videos asking people "the meaning of life" - and I have my Mom on tape saying that it was all about Relationships. And that is really IT.

I do not seek or want the trials of life. But I know they illuminate the purpose of life. The only thing that truly lasts is love. The love of God that is ever present and often expressed through the love of family and friends.

My prayer for this day is that I might be a source of love for those who are going through their trials today.
may it be so

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