Friday, May 10, 2013

Valiant Women

Last Friday I went to a luncheon in which Erma, from our church, was recognized as a Valiant Woman. What a great title - Valiant. She is that.
Erma is in her 80's and has devoted herself to service to others. She is all of those things that I admire - a willing worker, a humble servant, a dedicated disciple of Christ.

At our church, Erma works hard in the kitchen and is the one who buys supplies, organizes and cleans the kitchen. She has had some health problms in the last year and it was really evident what she does around here when she wasn't around here to do it. She is really a behind the scenes worker - here for hours during the week and just taking care of so much. Valiant.

The next day I walked the cap city quarter marathon - 6.5 miles and my daughter and thousands of others ran the half - 13.1 miles. I have been aware of the training that comes into doing a marathon and a half marathon mostly because of Marnie. Getting up early to run - blocking off time to prepare. Running, running, running. The girls did it - together - sisters running and I am just so proud of them. They are Valiant women.

Thuesday morning I went to the Bible study that we are now doing at the Resotration Plaza for senios. This week we had about a half dozen participants plus me and Kim.
Whenever I am with these women and hear parts of their stories - about children who have died, or are incarcerated, or heart attacks or strokes I think - these two are Valiant women. One woman has said that this is the happiest (maybe after a marriage to a difficult husband?) and she seems to take care of everyone. They enjoy coming together and doing Bible study and sharing life. Valiant.

It is interesting that the qualities of women I admire have nothing to do with their looks or fashion sense or homemaking skills. No, it is about humility, perseverence, strength, compassion, humor, and the courage to learn and grow no matter how old they are!

Prayers for my grandgirls - Rachel, Alyse, Reagan and Addie - that they may grow up to become valiant women.

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