Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sitting on the Back Porch

What a blessing - sitting on the back porch,
on my old flowered couch, drinking coffee, reading Richard Rohr, writing a little, and just being here.

As the day begins.

Richard writes about St. Francis (from the book "Hope Against Darkness") "Francis taught us...that the antidote to confusion and paralysis is always a return to simplicity."

And as I sit here I know this is true.

In a simple of act sitting and seeing I remember that I am blessed beyond all desering.

I sit in wonder at that which is always present - but I see it and hear it today.

I see the beauty of leaves waving in the wind,
the robin that skips from branch to branch
the squirrel scrambling up the tree

I hear the sounds of birds near and far as I sit and take it all in.

How did it happen that my greatest moments now come to be times of stillness, watching, listening
and doing.....nothing
but seeing life and beauty and God

Yes, the day - the work day - is beinging with RESPONSIBILITIES to consider

but this momrnt prepares me as I sit in wonder at creation.
It costs nothing
only requires eyes to see, ears to hear and the decision to just BE

I remember Jesus said - "Come and See."


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