Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4

At the outer banks....what could be nicer?

I write this as I lay in bed beside a sleeping Addie at 4 pm. I have been reading and snoozing and this really feels like vacation

Here are some highlights of this time

Mornings on a deck with coffee and my journal looking at the sound, watching the gulls and being here. Eventually everyone starts to wake up. Chuck or Erik fixes breakfast. We play games.

Days at the beach. It is hot but there is a breeze. Comfortable as Chuck and I sit under an umbrella and read and I watch everything....sea, sand, people, waves, grandchildren,

Memories of my life throughout the day. Remembering thebeCh with my grandmother, with my mother, watching my father fishing, being a teenager here with my brothers and sisters. It truly feels
Ike the circle of life as I am blessed to have been a granddaughternhere and now am a grandmother.

Feeling connected to family as we live together for a week and just enjoy each other. My niece Jill is here with her friends and it is a blessing to see her. NI visit my parents graves and remember them as I drive past their last home on Ginguit Dr.

Books...on tape, paperbacks, on my I pad. The blessing of reading and allowing myself to spend time with characters and sometimes escape from "real life" and sometimes through their stories reflect on the meaning of life.

A very quiet 4th of July this year at
Arade and
Rob ably no fireworks

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