Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In response to Violence

This is my letter this month for our church's newsletter.

All violence is the result of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain derives from other people and that consequently those people deserve to be punished. ~Marshall Rosenberg

Dear Friends
Like you I have been horrified by the violence and deaths that occurred in a movie theatre in Colorado last week. The news media continue to follow up with stories on the background on the shooter and the heroism of the victims .There are myriad “explanations” for an incident that remains shrouded in mystery.
We are Christians and so we struggle with the questions that come up with acts of violence and the reality of evil in our world. I remember on September 16, 2011 preaching a sermon which I titled “Jesus Response to Evil.”
And my “answers” remain the same. We cannot deny that there are forces that work against life in this world - and we have to be vigilant in working for life. We cannot forget the ways in which humans can choose death and division - whether we are talking about the holocaust, the specter of racism, or a glorification of violence.
We must show a different way of living in this world - a way of peace and understanding. Our Non Violent communication workshop this winter was an eye opener for me and I will continue to offer ways for us to grow in our own personal understandings about compassionate living.
We have to trust that God is at work still in the midst of the mayhem. Our free will means that we have the ability to destroy and we cannot blame God for that. But God’s ways are miraculous and even in the darkest times we will continue to see the light at work bringing healing, hope and new life.
Let us all continue in prayer for all the victims of this event - include the shooter and his family. How tragic it all is.
I hope to see you in church this summer as we celebrate the living God of hope and new life.

Yours in Christ

ps for bloggers-I am not a gun person, I don't own and never will own a gun. I have never shot a gun and I will never understand why anyone needs an assault rifle!

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