Monday, July 30, 2012

Alone together

That was the title of the first lecture of this week at Chautauqua. The theme for this week is about living in a digital world and all the implications of that. MSherry Turkel is a therapist, writer, researcher on the Internet and she spoke about the effects of the Internet on us. Really fascinating

.we make our technologies and then our technologies make and shape us. I heard stories of a class that decided the only way to stop texting during class was to literally collect the phones. Because the pull of the desire tomcheck our texts (find out who "wants" me)'and to respond was too strong if the phone was in my hand.

There are people who
1, would rather text than talk. ( you know who you are)
2. Don't feel secure in their feelings un
Ess they are shared
3. Want to conrol that to which they give attention and therefore text through meetings, funerals, meals etc. Never fully present

Wemare alone together...connected and yet hiding
We sacrifice conversation for mere connection and get used to being shortchanged.

Her bottom line completed resonated with everything I have learned through the Wellstreams program
1, we need to be able to be alone with ourselves and in touch with reflect because that is where creativity comes from
"if we don't teach our children to be alone, they will know only how to be lonely"

Solitude is a good thing

2,we need to be able to have know and be known, to listen and speak
There is amdifference between connection and conversation

And so, here I am at Chautauqua, a place where I receive both...times of solitude and wonderful conversation. We sit on the front porch and talk about the lectures, the worship, our families, life, church, everything. It is rich and beautiful and I am blessed beyond all deserving

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