Friday, June 24, 2011

Geo caching

Have you heard of this?

This is a fascinating treasure hunt that many people are engaging in.
My daughter Kacey has become almost addicted to this and took me out on Nonday to see what it is all about. And here is the scoop.

You can put an App on your Iphone or Ipad and it will show you the where there are "caches" that are hidden near you. It has been called a " real-world outdoor treasure hunting game." Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. You use the App and your GPS to find the treasures that are hidden. And like everything else in life - the treasure is much less important than the journey of finding it.

So, Monday night I went with Kacey and Marnie and 4 grandkids geo caching. We found our first one in a parking lot - at the base of a street lamp. Until Monday I did not know that there were places where something could be hidden like that. And the something was a very small plastic case and in it were some toys and a piece of paper. The paper had the names of the people who had found the "cache" and we took some of the toys and left our own. When you "geocache" you bring your own treasures to substitute. We found another one in a different parking lot. And our third treasure was found in a graveyard stuck to a fence. That took some time and Kacey was very persistent in looking for it.

It is very interesting how the technology makes this kind of a treasure hunt possible. I don't have the I phone - although I downloaded the app to my I Pad. i think this is something I will only do in partnership with others - but a fun kind of game. And we do love our games in our family.

It seemed actually - that the adults were more into this than the kids. The kids liked to run first to the goal - not so interested in the work of finding it.

One other thing I want to mention.....the muggles. I used to be a muggle because I did not know about the geocache world. So, I might have seen someone looking for a treasure and not understood. And maybe gotten in the way.

Now I am part of the not so secret world of Geo Caching. I am no longer a muggle.

It seems to me that there is something in this that will preach.....I will figure that out later.


Kacey said...

Muggles be gone! I was led to a place tonight behind a Kroger..and there were muggles standing around smoking! FOILED again.

WayneG said...

We have an old school version of this in the Upper Valley... but instead of finding things in parking lots you find them on mountain tops or near ponds... oh, and you use a compass instead of a cell phone...