Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning

I sat on my front porch this Saturday morning and marvelled at the view.

It has rained and the grass and the trees look very green and alive to me.
As I sat in wonder I saw 6 squirrels jump off the roof of the house and onto a fruit tree in the front yard
They scrambled down and seemed to chase each other to a large elm tree in the front yard and just fly all over the branches of the tree.

I found myself thinking about life - and how life is all around me and I so often do not see what is there.

Then a beautiful cardinal lands on the fruit tree and then a chickadee and then more birds.

Of course, I don't know all their names - I don't need to know the names of trees and birds in order to see their beauty - their ordinary beauty.

It begins a day which will include a hospital visit, a graduation party and a wedding. And then tomorrow is worship and Monday a funeral.

Life all around me - in its beauty and mystery and wonder.

May I be present to it all.

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