Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post Easter

I have a few minutes as I am waiting to guide one of my directees in spiritual direction. This is quite an adventure as I am learning how to listen to the spirit as I sit with another person. It is humbling, that is for sure.

Easter was pretty wonderful in that the church was packed as much as it has ever been. There were some issues that keep coming up - like how to do worship with people from 1 to almost 100 and have it be meaningful for everyone. But that is the challenge of being church.

Meanwhile I am looking ahead to three things

1. We are starting a new series on Sunday mornings: "Ignited by God to Deliver Miracles." It is based on a book by Bruce Wilkinson Your Were Born for This and I am really excited about the ideas in it and the whole concept. He presents 7 keys to delivering miracles - which sounds hokey to write about - but they really are right on the money. Every week we will hand out a magnet with a Bible verse and a mention of that week's keys. I like it!

2. I am preparing for the "Memory Weekend" with the girls. It is May 15th and we are going to go to every place we lived in Ohio - Lebanon, Columbus, Zanesville and BG and remember together. It should be interesting and I have lots of surprises for them. I know this will be a weekend we will never forget!!

3. And I am getting ready for the Sabbatical - it begins June 14th. I am planning what I am doing - keeping with the "memory theme" I will write more aobut it later.
Also, preparing to leave my responsibilities here at Karl Road for 11 weeks. I met with Bertie Dell today - she is the minister who will be in charge in my absence. It is really challenging to think about all of it.

So, I gotta go - but this is what is happening right now.
Pretty cool - all of it.


Kacey said...

Surprises, eh? Hmmm... :)

ELYSSA said...

It all sounds very exciting!